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Viewing Your Degree Progress Evaluation via PASS CX Advising Notes


After you apply for graduation, the Registrar's Office will review your record and create a degree progress evaluation.  You will receive a notification that your evaluation is ready for your review in a PASS CX page called Advising Notes.  (The Registrar's Office is leveraging delivered functionality in PASS to post your evaluation; this page is not to be confused with Navigate, the software used by your Academic Advisor.)

1. Log into PASS CX

2. From the PASS CX Dashboard, select Academics to expand it.

Academics Menu - click to expand

3. In the Academics menu, select Advising Notes.

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4.  Your note(s) will be listed on the page.  

NOTE: This page will be blank until you Apply for Graduation and receive a notification that an evaluation has been completed by the Registrar's office.  To learn more about the Application for Graduation process (for on campus students) see PASS CX - Application for Graduation - On-Campus Undergraduate.  Students in fully online programs should contact their advisor for more information about the application process.

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5. Click on the note.  Look for a comment from the Registrar's Office.  Your evaluation and AAR reviewed will be below.  Click View to see both attachments. NOTE: If your document doesn't open automatically, check your Downloads folder.

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If you have any questions about your evaluation, please contact your advisor.



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