PASS CX - Viewing Program Information


Instructions on how to view Program information in CX.


1. Log into PASS CX

2. On the PASS CX Dashboard, select Academics to expand it.

3. In the Academics menu, select Programs.

Programs menu

In the main window, your programs will appear.  They are organized in the following hierarchy:

> Career*

     > College

          > Plan**/Major; Subplan/Emphasis

          > Plan/Minor

          > Plan/Certificate

* You may have more than one career if you have stopped out or have both an Undergraduate and Graduate career, for example.  The status below will indicate the program in which you are current active.  Other statuses include discontinued, completed, and dismissed.

** A plan may be a Major, minor or certificate.  Subplan and emphasis are synonymous.

The term and year to the right of each plan and subplan are the requirement terms.  All of these terms should match.  These terms indicate which catalog requirements you are following in your Academic Advisement Report (AAR).  In the example below, this student, although admitted in Spring 2020, elected to move her requirement terms up to Fall 2020.  In general, a students' requirement term may not precede his or her admit/re-admit term. 

Programs - Detailed view

If you have any questions about your programs, contact the Registrar's Office at 608.342.1321 or



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