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Instructions on how to view notifications in PASS CX.


Notifications are sent to students through PASS CX for various reasons, including:

  • a permanent change to a class time or room, or a class section cancellation,
  • a degree audit has been posted to your account after an application for graduation has been submitted,
  • an incomplete grade has been lapsed, etc.   

It is important to check on the My Information menu in CX frequently for assigned Tasks, To-Dos or Notifications.

To view your notifications:

1. Login into PASS CX.

2. On the PASS CX Dashboard, select My Information to expand that menu.  NOTE: The number to the right indicates there are two new items in this menu that needs attention.

My Information Menu - click to expand

3. Click on Notifications.  NOTE: The number to the right indicates there is one new To Do item and one Notification.

My Information - Notifications


4.  Notifications will be listed.  The number in the Inbox tab indicates how many are labeled as UNREAD.  Click on a notification to remove the Unread indicator and to see additional details.  

Cancelled Class Notification

5. You may Archive read notifications and there is an option to print.  Expired notifications will drop out of the inbox unless archived.  Archived messaged may be accessed in the Archived tab on the left.

Cancelled Class Details




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