PASS - Running an Unofficial Transcript or a Transfer Summary Report (Staff)


Staff instructions for running an unofficial transcript or a transfer summary report in PASS.


1. Open up the NavBar  NavBar symbol - click to expand the right navigation

2. Click Menu to expand the right toolbar.

3. Go to Records and Enrollment - Transcripts Request Transcript Report

4. Click on Add a New Value.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

5. In the Requests Attributes box, select the Transcript Type and click Override Service Indicator in case there’s a hold that prevents transcript processing, like an outstanding bill.  In the Transcript Type drop down, select UGUN for an Undergraduate Unofficial Transcript, GRUN for a Graduate Unofficial Transcript, or TRNSF for a Transfer Summary.  If you don't have a needed drop down value, contact the Registrar's Office for assistance. 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

5. Click on Transcript Request Detail, enter the student ID.  If you want to run more than one report, click the + sign and enter a different ID into the new row.  Then click Process Request to run all of the reports.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)



6. When the transcript is ready to view, the "Send To" button will gray out and a link will pop to up the right called View Report.  Click on that link.

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7. The transcripts will appear in a new tab.  If you are unable to see the transcript, check your pop-up blocker (all browsers) or your pdf settings (Firefox).

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8. Return to the other tab with PASS to open up another report result, if applicable.  To run another report from scratch, click Add at the bottom of the page.




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