PASS - Assigning an Advisor to a Student in PASS (Staff)


Instructions on how to assign Advisors to students in PASS.


1. Log into PASS

2. Click on the NavBar to expand the right menu.

3. Click on Menu

4. Go to Records and Enrollment > Student Background Information > Student Advisor

5.  Search for the student using the provided Search Criteria.  Click Search.  Select the correct student if more than one shows up in the Search Results.

6.  New Students will have a blank page and the effective date will default to today.  Since most staff members don't have correct history, it's suggested to back up the effective date a few days to allow for corrections (via additional rows after saving). 

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7. Work your way down the page, selecting the magnifying glass to choose the correct student information.

Academic Career - After clicking the magnifying glass directly to the right of Academic Career, choose the student's current career.  After clicking Undergrad in this example, the field will be filled in with UGRD, the code for Undergraduate.

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Academic Program - After clicking the magnifying glass directly to the right of Academic Program, choose the correct Active career associated with the advisor you'll be assigning.  After clicking the correct program, the code associated with that program will go into the program field, in this case LAE.

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Academic Plan - After clicking the magnifying glass directly to the right of Academic Plan, the plan or plans associated with the active program chosen above will appear in the search results.  Choose the plan associated with the advisor being assigned.  In this example, there are two active plans in LAE, so if the advisor is associated with the major, choose that plan code.  In this case that is for Forensic Investigation. 

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NOTE: It is not necessary to drill down to the subplan/emphasis level, so that field can be skipped.

Academic Advisor - After clicking the magnifying glass directly to the right of Academic Advisor, enter search criteria for the advisor and click Lookup.  In the Search Results below, click Select to the right of the correct advisor.

Note:  The staff member must be coded as an advisor in the Instructor/Advisor table in order to be a choice when assign an advisor to the student.  If the staff member is not coming up as a choice, contact the Registrar's Office.

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The final results are as follows.

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8. Before clicking save, if you have a second advisor to add, click on the plus sign in the lower panel.  Note: The Advisor number updates to 2 and the page counter now says 2 of 2.

9. Repeat the steps in #7 to add the additional advisor.

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10.  If you are adding a committee on this page, follow the instructions in #7; however, instead of searching for an Academic Advisor, click Advised by Committee.  This will gray out the Academic Advisor field and open up the Committee field, providing a magnifying glass to the right.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)11.  Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the Committee field to open the search window.  Choose the appropriate committee.

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13. If there are no other advisors to add, click Save.

14. To Edit this information, enter the Student Advisor page for the student.  This time, add a row on the top level of the page by clicking the + in the top panel.  The effective date needs to be after the previous date, but can be a few days ago, to provide room for additional rows, should an adjustment be required the day of the update.

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15.  Note that the previous information was copied forward in the bottom panel.  If those rows will remain, add a row by clicking the + icon in the bottom panel to add an advisor #3.  If one of the older rows need to be removed, either overwrite that information with new, or click the - (minus) button to remove that row. 

For this example, I added a row at the top panel, changed the date to 7/19/2023, and removed the ACAC committee.

Note that the top panel now has 1 of 2, because there's a 7/18/2023 and a 7/19/2023 row, and in the bottom panel, it now says 1 of 1, because the ACAC committee row was removed.

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If you have any questions about adding, removing or changing an advisor, or if you need assistance with corrections, please contact the Registrar's Office at 608.342.1321



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