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Student Services Center (Student) is an administrative view of the Student Center. This page can be reached via the Student Success WorkCenter.


1. Click on the Student Success WorkCenter Tile

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2. Under Campus Community, select Student Services Center 

Student Services Center

Academics Section

Right Column
Search For Classes - click on this button to reach the general class search.

Holds - A student's holds can be viewed in this section.  Click on details to see additional information about each hold, including how to release them and contact information. NOTE: Student Tasks cannot be viewed on this page.  To see both Tasks and Holds for a student, use Lookup Student on your CX Dashboard (See PASS CX - Lookup Student (Admin) )

To Do List - If a student has any to-dos, they will be listed here.  Click on the to-do for additional details. NOTE: Tasks and To-do are not always synonymous.  To see both Tasks and To-Dos, use Lookup Student on your CX Dashboard.  (See PASS CX - Lookup Student (Admin) )

Enrollment Dates - This area provides the date when a student's enrollment appointment begins.  Click on details to see at what time of day the enrollment appointment begins.  Additional information about term enrollment limits are provided below the enrollment time.  This information will not appear until the enrollment dates have been generated for this term.

Advisor - A student's advisor(s) are listed here.  There is a maximum of 2 advisors that may be listed in this area.  Click on details to see additional advisors and contact information.

Academic Services, Student Affairs, Distance Education - These areas provide links to important websites for these campus areas.


My Class Schedule - Student’s class schedule.  If you click on this link, you will be directed to a page where you can view the list or the weekly calendar view for a student.

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Also along the right side is enrollment and advisor information.

The date that the student can begin enrolling for next term will be listed under the enrollment dates. This date will not appear until appointments have been generated for a term.

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If you click on details and scroll down to the bottom of the page, the total credits the student is approved for will be indicated.

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If you scroll down on this page, the student’s personal information can be viewed.  Also is a link for an emergency contact if the student has listed it.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Click on the academics tab to view program/plan information, academic standing, expected graduation date, etc. Campus may now also be seen on this tab.  You may or may not have access to edit Program Data.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

All terms that a student is term activated for will be viewed here. Click on any term to get the information from that specific term.  Credits and gpa information is also listed on the bottom of this page.

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