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Dashboard widgets provide an immediate glimpse of specific information under multiple tabs.


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The image above is comparable to how the widgets appear when a student first logs in.

  1. Widget tabs - each shows specified information for the named tab.

  2. The icon indicated, when clicked, opens the specified section's page to show additional information.

While being the main display of all the available tabs, this view is also all the information that shows for the General widget tab.

The sections shown under the General tab may differ depending on your user type:

 Widget Section  Short Description  User Type
 Class Schedule  Weekly Schedule  Student, Guest/Parent, Instructor
 To Dos  Checklist, Activity Guides, etc  Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent
 Tasks  Activity Guides  Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent
 Holds  Service Indicators/Holds  Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent
 Shopping Cart  Enrollment Shopping Cart  Student
 Application Status  View details on current applications and Accept/Decline Admissions (if applicable)  Applicant
 Notifications  Notifications  Applicant, Student
 What I Owe  View Details on what is currently Owed  Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent
FYI  Display important info/updates for awareness Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent

The next widget tab - Academics - appears below:

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The sections shown under the Academics tab may differ depending on your user type:

 Widget Sections  Short Description  User Type
 Grades  Class Grades  Student, Guest/Parent
 Student Exams  Exam Schedule  Student, Guest/Parent, Instructor

The final widget tab - Financials - is shown below:

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The sections shown under the Financials tab may differ depending on your user type:

 Widget Sections  Short Description  User Type
 Financial Aid  Academic Year Financial Aid  Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent
 Recent Transactions  Account Transactions  Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent
 What I Owe  View Details On What Is Owed  Applicant, Student, Guest/Parent


Need help?

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.



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