PASS CX - Leave Feedback


Leave Feedback provides an easy way for users to share any thoughts or issues regarding their PASS CX experience


  1.  Within PASS CX, click on the Gear icon.
  2. Click on Leave Feedback. 
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    This is the box that will appear.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Choose page name from the Page Name drop down; it defaults to Dashboard.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  4.  If Other is chosen, an "Other Page Name" field appears where a different name can be entered.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  5. Next, choose the appropriate role from the My Role drop down.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  6. Next, choose the Type of feedback being entered.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  7. Enter Details explaining why you are leaving feedback.  For example, a positive review, an error encountered, a request for more information, or any other reason.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  8. When finished, click Submit.

Need help?

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.



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