PASS CX - Friends


Users are able to add friends, maintain friend requests, and manage blocking.  In order for a user to be able to view another user's schedule, they must be added as a friend by the user.


Clicking on Friends from the left hand menu will result in the Friends Widget appearing...

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Widget tabs: FriendsRequests, and Blocked  [1]

   [Under each of the tabs, the user will find pertinent information and actions.]

  • The Friends tab (shown in the above image) is where the user can click the Add Friend button [2] to begin the process of allowing another student to see their schedule.
  1. Click Add Friend button to add another student as a friend by entering their campus email address ( Image (Thumbnail)
  2. A confirmation popup will appear in the upper right of the screen. Click Ok.
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  3. The friend will receive the following email alerting him/her of the pending request.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • The Requests tab can contain both pending received and sent friend requests.  Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  1. Under the Friend request section, any friend requests the user has received will be awaiting action.
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Actions include; accept, block, or remove the friend request.
    1. If the Accept button is clicked, the user will be added to the user's friends list and both users will have access to view each other's schedules.
    2. If Block is selected, the person who sent the request will be blocked from sending friend requests to the user.
    3. If Remove is clicked, the request will be removed, but not blocked.
  2. Under the Request sent section, the user has the option to cancel any requests they have sent. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • On the Blocked tab, users can prevent specific users from requesting the user as a friend.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    • When the user clicks the Block Someone button, the screen shown below will appear allowing the user to enter the preferred campus email address of the user they would like to block. People on a user's blocked list will not be able to search for the user or send a friend request until the user removes the block. 
       Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Users can also block themselves from all Friends requests by toggling on one of the options listed below:
    • Stop receiving requests,[3], on the main tab of the Friends widget as shown above;
    • Stop receiving friend requests, on the Requests tab of the Friends widget as shown highlighted in the image above.
  • Additional things to be aware of...
    • A confirmation popup should appear for each action to provide verification.
    • If a user removes a friend and wishes to be friends again, they can send the user another friend request. 
    • If the user blocks the friend, the friend will not be able to send a friend request to the user. If the user wishes to unblock the friend, they can do so under the Blocked tab.

Need help?

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.



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