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Instructions on how to view and complete tasks in PASS.


Tasks are assigned to students for completion within PASS for various reasons.  For example, the Pre-Registration Agreement and Textbook Rental Agreement are assigned to allow students to review and accept terms and conditions before registration and viewing the student textbook list is allowed.  The Application for Graduation is assigned to students (for on campus students, it is assigned at 80 credits earned for Bachelor Degree students and 30 for Associate Degree students) and takes students through the application process, asking for additional information, such as diploma address, name and hometown. 

Students should check their tasks often to make sure all tasks are completed.

1. Login into PASS CX.

 2. On the PASS CX Dashboard, select My Information to expand that menu.

My Information Menu - click to expand

3. Click on Tasks


4. Click on a task, if applicable, and step through the task steps. A task will often release a hold upon completion, so be sure to read each step carefully and complete the entire agreement as directed.

Task example

For additional information, refer to the specific KB related to a task. (See Related Articles)



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