PASS CX - Removing my Advising Hold


Instructions on how to successfully remove an advising hold.


Main and Baraboo Sauk County degree seeking students are required to meet with an advisor before registering for regular terms (Spring and Fall).  Students will be assigned a registration hold and corresponding Pre-Registration Agreement that will require a pin to complete it and release the hold.  Once your pin is acquired from your advisor, you will 

1. Log into PASS CX.

2. From the PASS CX Dashboard click on the Pre-Registration Agreement in the Tasks tile.

Tasks tile - click on Pre-Registration Agreement

3. This will open up the Tasks page.  Click on Pre-Registration Agreement again at the top-left.  The agreement will open in a new tab.

Task page - click on agreement

4. You will have several steps to complete before being able to enter your pin.  You can see your progress in the progress bar.  You are at the highlighted step.

Progress Bar

5. Read the message in the Introduction.  Click Confirm, then Next.

6. Complete the Martial Property Agreement.  Confirm or update your Marital Status, and enter your Residence.  Click Submit then Next.

Marital Property Agreement


7. Read and accept the Financial Agreements.  Select Next after each.

click accept, then next

8. Enter the four digit pin number that you obtained from your advisor and click the submit button.  Be sure to read the message to confirm the hold was removed successfully.  If the pin was rejected, double-check your pin number and try again.  Contact your advisor if you believe you may have the wrong pin.  If your pin gets locked, contact the Registrar's Office to reset your pin.

Pin page

9. You will get a success message if you enter the pin correctly.  If you are incorrect, you have 10 attempts before you are locked out.  The Registrar's office will have to reset your pin once locked, so it is best to confirm your pin with your advisor before that happens.  You can exit from the guide in the upper left and after your pin is reset, you can enter the agreement in the Task Tile and try again.

pin accepted message

10. You have reached the last page.  Be sure to click Submit to release your agreement hold.  

You will be returned to the PASS CX Tasks page.  Return to the Dashboard, and verify your registration hold and task has been removed.


 If you have any questions contact the Registrar's Office at 608-342-1321.



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