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Instructions on how complete the Textbook Rental Agreement in PASS.


After you are given the upcoming registration term, you will be assigned a Textbook Rental Agreement hold.  This hold only blocks the viewing of the corresponding term's book list.  If you don't register for that term, no action needs to be taken and this hold will be purged after the registration window for that term closes.  

After registration, within 24 hours, you will be assigned a Textbook Rental Agreement.  This agreement will only be accessible through the task tile, not in Student Center.  Completing that agreement will release the hold and allow access to your book list.  

Note: All textbook holds must be released to access your book list.  The book list must also be active to view.  

Once assigned, follow these steps to complete your Textbook Rental Agreement.

1. Within 24 hours after registration, you will be assigned an agreement.  This agreement only needs to be completed once per term.

2. Login into PASS CX.

3. On the PASS CX Dashboard, select My Information to expand that menu.

My Information Menu - click to expand

4. Click on Tasks.


5. Click on the Textbook Rental Agreement link to open it in a new tab.

Task example

Note: If you need to exit the agreement at any time, close the tab to return to the dashboard.

6. Read the launch page.  After reading the introduction, click Confirm.

Intro step - click confirm after reading

Note: As you complete steps, the left navigation will indicate what step you are on by appearing a different color and print "In Progress" under the title of the step. 

7. Click Next to go to the next step.   

8. Add, review and/or change your emergency contact information and click Save.  Then click Confirm, then Next to go to the next step.

  • To Add, click the + sign, fill out the information and click Save.
  • To Review a previously added contact, select that contact line, make changes if necessary and Save.
  • If a contact needs to be deleted, select that contact and click delete at the bottom of the window.

Emergency Contact

Edit Contact

9.  Add or review your Local Address information.  If you don't have a Local Address in PASS, click Add Local Address

address step

10.  Fill out your local address information.  After completing, click Save.  If you already have a local address, review and edit as necessary.  Click Confirm then Next. 

Add Address

11. Add or Review your Phone number and email information.  Your campus email cannot be altered or deleted and will always be the preferred email.  You may add another email or phone by clicking + and edit current information by selecting that line.

Other Contact Information

12.  Select the correct phone type for each number and choose a phone number that is preferred.  

Add Phone

13. Delete or change invalid phone numbers.  Note: Home and cell phone numbers cannot be deleted - only edited.  Local numbers may be deleted.  To Edit, click on the local phone line and click Delete at the bottom of the window.  Click Save.  Click Confirm then Next.

14. Read the Textbook Rental Agreement and click the confirmation message button.

Rental Agreement step

15. To print, Click Printable Page at the bottom. NOTE: The agreement must be accepted first before the print button becomes active.  Click Print, then Close to close the window.

NOTE: Completed Agreements may be accessed through the Task tile.  After entering the Task tile, click Completed Agreements.

16. Click Next to reach the Complete step.  Click Submit.

17.  Upon finishing your Textbook Rental Agreement you will be sent to the Book List page.  To return to the CX Dashboard, click Home, then the Campus Experience Tile​​​​​​​

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Book List

Remember to bring the following to pick up your textbooks!

If you have any questions, contact the Textbook Center at 608-342-1265.



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