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After you are given the upcoming registration term, you will be assigned a Textbook Rental Agreement hold.  This hold only blocks the viewing of the corresponding term's book list.  If you don't register for that term, no action needs to be taken and this hold will be purged after the registration window for that term closes.

After registration, within 24 hours, you will be assigned a Textbook Rental Agreement.  Completing that agreement will release the hold and allow access to your book list.  A help document is available for the agreement: PASS CX - Textbook Rental Agreement

NoteAll textbook holds must be released to access your book list.  The book list must also be active to view.

1. If the book list is not active at the time of agreement completion or you want to print your book list later, you may access your book list in the CX Dashboard - Academics menu. 

Academics Menu

My Booklist menu item

Remember to bring the following to pick up your textbooks!

  1. Pioneer Passport ID
  2. Printed book list or smart device to view your book list
  3. Empty Backpacks will be allowed in the Textbook Center when selecting your books.

If you have any questions, contact the Textbook Center at 608-342-1265.


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