PASS CX - Adding a Class


Instructions for adding a class to your schedule through PASS CX.


Registration for On-Campus Undergraduates may also be done through Schedule Builder.  See PASS CX - How to Use Schedule Builder - In-App Registration (student)  

1. Log into PASS CX

2. On the PASS CX Dashboard, select Enrollment to expand it.

Enrollment Menu - Click to expand

3. Click on Enroll/Shopping Cart

Enroll/Shopping Cart

4. Select Add Class and choose from the drop down.

Add Class Dropdown choices

5. If you choose by Class Search, this will take you to Class Information - Class Search in the Dashboard.  Search for the class using the available filters.  When you find the class you need, click on the three-dot menu to the right of the class, and click one of the options:

Enroll:  This will allow you to direct enroll into this section, as long as you are cleared to do so, for example, you do not have any registration holds, meet the prerequisite, have a valid enrollment appointment, the section is not closed, you do not have a time conflict with another course in your schedule, registration is open according to the Academic Calendar, etc.

Add to Cart: This will add your selection to the shopping cart.  The advantage of this is you may hold onto this class for a time and bring it into schedule builder.  But remember, this is not reserve a seat in the section.  Similar to online shopping, a section in the shopping cart does not guarantee a successful enrollment.

Add to Planner: This will add the course (not a specific class section) to your Planner in the unassigned term.  You may run a Planner AAR with this course being considered, and/or you may assign it to a specific term in your Planner.  Moving your course to a term will allow you to pull that course into Schedule Builder to be included in that terms schedule generation.

TIP: If you are registering for a closed class and have a department permission, be sure to un-check the Show Open Classes Only to include closed sections.

Add Class By Class Search 

6. If you choose by Planner, you will be taken to Enrollment - Planner.  Check the box to the right of the course, and click Add to Cart or Add Course.  

Add from Planner

7. If you know the class number, choose Add by Class number, enter and click Add. (The class number is unique to a section of a class and is not the catalog number.) 

Add by class number

8. If applicable, return to Shopping Cart under the Enrollment menu.  Check the box at the top of the checkbox column to check all of the courses in your cart.  Click Validate to check for any issues, such as prerequisites or time conflicts, or click Enroll

Enroll from Shopping Cart

9.  Be sure to wait to see your enrollment results.  A red box with an Error will indicate an unsuccessful enrollment.  Read the message to see the reason for your error.

Enroll from Shopping Cart - error

10. A green box with the message "Added to your schedule" indicates a successful enrollment.  Click Schedule at the top of the page to view your Schedule.

Enroll from Shopping Cart - success



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