PASS CX - Viewing the Academic Advisement Report (AAR) - PDF version


Instructions for viewing your Academic Advisement Report - PDF version (AAR)


1. Log into PASS CX
2. From the PASS CX Dashboard, select Academics to expand it.

Academics menu - click to expand

3. In the Academics menu, select Degree Progress.

Degree Progress menu

4. It is very important to run your AAR often and keep track of your progress.  Be sure to read the Disclaimer:

5. Click View PDF.  This may take several seconds.  If your report does not come up, be sure to check your pop-up blocker.

6. This view is the PDF Version.  When you open the PDF version, you see requirements are grouped together.  They are called Academic Requirement Groups.  Academic Requirement Groups that to not have a red asterisks to the left and has "Satisfied" in black, bold print, are completed.  CAUTION: This includes courses that are in progress, so if you drop or fail a course, a Requirement Group may no longer be fulfilled, so it's important to check your AAR every term.

PDF - satisfied requirements

Academic Requirement Groups that are not complete are noted in red.  Look for a bold, red asterisk * to the left and also Not Satisfied

7. Each Requirement Group may contain one or more Requirement, which are indented below the Group.  The requirements turn Satisfied as they are fulfilled, but the * will not go away on the Requirement Group until all of the Requirements under that Group are Satisfied.

8. The Requirement Group or Requirement will contain details below on how to fulfill it.  As you begin to fulfill the requirement, courses you took will appear and the details will reflect how much closer you are to fulfilling the requirement.  (Term taken and Grades earned will appear as well.) Your goal is to have no red on your AAR. Type refers to how the course was taken, including EN (Enrolled at UW-Platteville), TR (Transfer), TE (Test), or IP (In Progress).

NOTE: To see how all of your collapsed Requirement Groups were fulfilled once completely Satisfied, you must look at the HTML version. See below for a link to that KB. 

9.  Your course history will be listed at the end of your AAR PDF.  This will contain all transfer, test out, and in-progress courses, and also notes any repeats taken or being taken. (The full course history is not listed on the HTML version.)

If you have any questions about your AAR, check with your advisor or contact the Registrar's Office at or 608-342-1321.



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