PASS - Generating an Academic Advisement Report (AAR) for a Discontinued Student (Staff)

1. Log into PASS.

2. Open the Student Success Workcenter.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

3. Open Student Services Center (Student) from the left menu.  

Student Services Center

4. Enter the Student ID and click Search.

5. Go to the Academics Tab.

6. In the Institution/Career/Program section, click on the program links to find the most recent date of discontinuation.  Make a note of this date - it will be used in #10 below.

Discontinued Date - note for later

7. Now click on Request Advisement Report in the left navigation of the Student Success Workcenter.

Request Advisement Report

8. Click Add a New Value 

Add a new value tab

9. Enter an ID, UWPLT for the institution, and select the report type SSAR.  Click Add.

Search for ID

10. The Report Date should be the current date.  Enter the As of Date as the day before the discontinuation date noted from #6 above.

Report Date

11. Click Process Request.

12.  This view is the Classic HTML Version of the student's AAR, the day before discontinuation.  Click View Report as PDF, if the PDF is preferred.


If you have any questions about the AAR, contact the Registrar's Office at or 608-342-1321.

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