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Pinned Article PASS - How to access and login

How to access and login into PASS

Pinned Article PASS - Navigation and Help (Staff)

Find your way around PASS and getting help

Pinned Article PASS - Requesting Access (Staff)

FAQ and the process for requesting PASS Access for New and Current Employees

Pinned Article PASS - What is it?

Information about Pioneer Administration Software System (PASS), University of Wisconsin-Platteville's version of Student Administration System and Student Information System.

PASS - Academic Structure (Staff)

Organization and levels within the University

PASS - Add, Edit, or Delete NavBar Tiles (Staff)

Adding a tile directly to the NavBar allows you to click and go directly to the page without needing to navigate through the menus.

PASS - Adding Homepages and Tiles (Staff)

Information and a how-to guide instructing staff on adding and editing their personal homepages and tiles.

PASS - Adding/Maintaining Emphasis Areas (Staff)

For admins (primarily department ADAs) with major edit access - how to add and maintain emphasis (subplan) areas in PASS.

PASS - Advisee Roster, Grade Roster, Class Roster Notify Button (Staff)

The Notify button on the self-service pages provides a mechanism to send an e-mail to a select group of student/advisees or all students/advisees. This functionality is available to both instructors and advisors on the Advisee roster, Class roster, and Grade roster.

PASS - Assigning an Advisor to a Student in PASS (Staff)

Instructions on how to assign Advisors to students in PASS.

PASS - Class Permissions (Staff)

How to add a Class Permission, which overrides a closed class, a prerequisite or consent. Also how to allow registration in the second week of the term, or also allow a drop with permission.

PASS - Creating A WorkCenter in PASS (Staff)

This document will step through the process of creating a WorkCenter within PASS, including both the PASS Developer's and the Functional Analyst's steps.

PASS - Entering Deceased Student Information (Staff)

What to enter in PASS to indicate a student passed away.

PASS - Generating an Academic Advisement Report (AAR) for a Discontinued Student (Staff)

Instructions for generating an Advisement Report for a discontinued student.

PASS - Generating the "What-If" Academic Advisement Report (What-If AAR) - HTML Version - via Classic PASS (Staff)

Instructions for generating a What-If Academic Advisement Report via Classic PASS.

PASS - Generating the "What-If" Academic Advisement Report (What-If AAR) - PDF Version - via Classic PASS (Staff)

Instructions for generating a What-If Academic Advisement Report via Classic PASS.

PASS - Glossary of Terms (Staff)

PASS Terms and Definitions

PASS - Homepage Tiles missing on phone/tablet - Small form factor devices (Staff)

Information on why some homepage tiles do not appear on small form factor devices like a phone when they appear when on a large form factor like a computer.

PASS - HR Workcenter (Staff)

PASS HR Workcenter is designed for staff to easily complete HR business processes in PASS without having to navigate to a wide range of areas in PASS. The workcenter contains two sections called Links and Queries. Links are for pages internal or external to PASS, Queries are for transaction reports or queries to review and validate data.

PASS - Input and output file paths (Staff)

File Paths and running files to shares

PASS - Kaspersky Antivirus Producing 'OnReadyState' Error (Staff)

How to correct the issue where the error, "Function 'onReadyState' Error. '[src=" is not a valid selector", is encountered while in PASS or signing into PASS.

PASS - Login Error Messages

PASS login message descriptions

PASS - Modifying Tab Order (Staff)

Classic Personalize Page and tabbing order

PASS - Navigating with the Keyboard - Shortcut Keys, Speed Keys, Hot Keys (Staff)

Provides an overview of keyboard shortcuts and describes how to navigate using the keyboard.

PASS - Peoplesoft Middleware Security Update Policy (Staff)

PeopleSoft Middleware Security Update Policy Documentation

PASS - Personal Data required for Entering a New Person (Staff)

There are several offices/departments that add new people (emplids) into PASS. Many of these departments required certain data before creating the emplid in PASS. This is a simple matrix of what departments require and what is optional to enter a new emplid into PASS.

PASS - Pin Lookup (Staff)

Instructions on how to find a particular student's pin in PASS.

PASS - Printing a Class or Grade Roster in Faculty Center (Staff)

Instructions on how to print a class roster or grade roster in Faculty Center in PASS

PASS - Run Control ID (Staff)

Run Control ID is the name you assign to parameters for a process/report

PASS - Run Control Utility (Staff)

Basics on how to use the Run Control Utility page in PASS.

PASS - Running an Unofficial Transcript or a Transfer Summary Report (Staff)

Staff instructions for running an unofficial transcript or a transfer summary report in PASS.

PASS - Running Batch Academic Advisement Reports or AARs (Staff)

Instructions for running the Academic Advisement Report as a single PDF file

PASS - Student FERPA Hold (Staff)

How to know if a student has a FERPA hold in PASS.

PASS - Student Groups (Staff)

How to set up Student Groups in PASS.

PASS - Student Services Center (Staff)

Student Services Center (Student) is an administrative view of the Student Center. This page can be reached via the Student Success WorkCenter.

PASS - Submitting Final Grades (Staff)

Instructions for faculty and staff on how to submit grades into PASS.

PASS - Suggestion Search (Staff)

Instructions for using suggestion search

PASS - Supported Web Browsers

Web Browser Compatibility Guide for PASS. Users are strongly encouraged to use these browsers, as others may not be compatible with PASS.

PASS - Textbook Workcenter (Staff)

Instructions for admins related to running Textbook Center reports.

PASS - Verifying Student Attendance & FAQs (Staff)

Instructions for verifying student attendance at the start of the term via the attendance rosters in PASS.