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These instructions walk through the process of exporting a class schedule from PASS CX as an iCal and importing it into an Office 365 calendar.
An overview of the Campus Experience Dashboard - its menu and sub-menus, including links to pertinent KB docs to help facilitate knowledge and resolving questions.
When a student requests access for a guest in PASS, the guest receives an email with a link to a temporary password. After logging into PASS for the first time, the guest is encouraged to change this temporary password. This document outlines the process to follow.
The Employer Reimbursement Statement is a list of enrollments and academic charges for a single term that prints as a PDF. It was designed to be submitted to an employer or other third party for reimbursement of tuition and other academic fees.
This document will provide the instructions on how to make an online payment in PASS.
The Monthly Bill reflects your balance as of the billing date. You can select and review any of the bills that you have received since becoming a student.
This document provides a brief description of the information that is available under "My Profile" in PASS CX.
This document will provide a complete list of transactions on an account based on the date range specified. It also displays the account balance as of the start date and end date that are selected.
UW-Platteville files a 1098-T form each year for students that had qualified tuition and other related educational expenses paid during the previous calendar year. You can retrieve a copy of your 1098-T directly from PASS.
Within PASS, you can review the activity on your student financial account, including charges added, payments made, waivers and financial aid applied, refunds generated, and any other activity that impacts your account balance.
The " What I Owe" page in PASS displays the current balance on your student financial account and a list of the charges that are still unpaid.
Information regarding Admission application status
Users are able to add friends, maintain friend requests, and manage blocking.  In order for a user to be able to view another user's schedule, they must be added as a friend by the user.
Dashboard widgets provide an immediate glimpse of specific information under multiple tabs when advisor views as an advisee.
How to get to the About section of PASS CX. About contains links to Knowledge Base documentation and Help Desk contact information.