PASS - Adding Homepages and Tiles (Staff)

PASS is designed to allow for user personalization of custom homepage(s) to make navigation faster and more efficient.

After logging in, the main page will appear similar to the one shown below:

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The blue toolbar across the top of the page contains many buttons to assist in navigating within PASS.

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It's been broken into 3 sections to for explanation purposes:

- On the right side: [1]

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a. Home icon - This button returns to the default homepage.
b. 3 Dot Action icon - This button expands menu to allow for additional actions, such as New Window, My Preferences, Help, and Sign Out.
c. NavBar icon - This button expands the navigational menu

- In the middle [2]

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a. Magnifying Glass icon and Search field - This button is used to search for pages and provide navigations. The search defaults to looking in "Menu"s, but also includes the ability to search "All content" if selected from the drop-down menu.

- On the right side [3] 

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a.  Recently Visited - listing of all recently visited pages.
b.  Favorites listing of all recently visited pages.

The 2nd toolbar just under the blue toolbar at the top of the page pertains to the main page shown.

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  1. Homepage Name - displays the name of the current displayed homepage. The drop-down arrow next to the name opens a drop-down listing of all available homepages.
  2. Homepage Count selector - 1 of however many homepages are available to switch to. The left and right arrows allow user to scroll through the homepages.
  3. 3 Dot "Homepage Actions" icon - This button expands menu to allow for additional actions, such as Personalize Homepage and Refresh.


Adding a Homepage

For purposes of this Knowledge Base article, let's add a My Homepage page.

  1. From the Homepage you logged into, click the 3 Dots "Homepage Actions" icon from the 2nd toolbar.
  2. Select Personalize Homepage from the options shown.
  3. The Personalize Homepage page will display. The left side of the page, under the Cancel button, will show a section containing the Add Homepage button with a list of available existing homepages underneath. If the homepage you are looking for does not exist, click the Add Homepage button. 
  4. The Add Homepage pop-up window will display with a section to "Create a New Homepage' or to "Choose from available homepages". My Homepage is listed as an available homepage, so it is selected, the pop-up window disappears, and My Homepage becomes the homepage listed in the Selected Homepage Settings section and is also included in the left side list of available homepages. Click Save to complete. If My Homepage hadn't been listed as an available homepage, the user could enter that name into the "Create a New Homepage" text box field and clicked Add,
  5. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)After clicking Save, the main homepage display reappears with the newly selected (and/or created) homepage showing. However, if the user were to hit the Home button or sign out and re-enter, this will not be the homepage that displays. Whichever homepage is listed first in the listing of homepages will be the default/primary homepage. If a different default homepage is wanted, the user needs to go back to the Personalize Homepage section and move the desired homepage's name to the top of the left side homepage's list by clicking and dragging name with mouse.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Adding A Tile To A Homepage

Adding a tile to a homepage allows the user to essentially create a shortcut to process without needing to navigate through the menus. The user can only add tiles they have access to.

To begin, the user will click the 2nd toolbar's 3 dot "Homepage Actions" icon, click Personalize Homepage, and the Personalize Homepage page will display.

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  1. The user selects the homepage they wish to add a tile to from the homepage listing on the left side of page, if it differs from the one showing in the "Selected Homepage Settings" Homepage field.
  2. Click Add Tile.
  3. The Add Tile pop-up appears. The user can either search for a specific tile or choosing an existing tile by navigating through the shown categories.
  4. This user wants to add an Email tile to their homepage and finds it within the PASS Self-Service Tiles.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  5. After selecting the Email tile to be added, the tile appears on the homepage's template in the center of the page within the Selected Homepage Settings area. The tiles within the Settings area can be arranged to appear in different order by drag and drop with your mouse. [If a higher level order is in place, your change may not work.]

    You will also notice each tile contains a separate 3 dot action icon and a trash can icon. The trash can is self-explanatory - it is used to delete the tile from the selected homepage. The 3 dot action icon opens a separate action pop-up menu that provides options to move or copy the tile to a different existing homepage. Move To will move the tile from the existing homepage to the newly selected one, whereas Copy To will place a copy on the newly selected homepage while still leaving a copy on the existing homepage.
  6. Once the homepage/tile changes are completed, click Save.
    This will return focus to the main homepage view. The homepage displayed will be the one just worked with. To verify the changes made, it is suggested to refresh the page. This can be done multiple ways - one such way is via the recently-mentioned 3 dot homepage actions icon where one of the options listed is "Refresh".


Adding A Tile To The NavBar

Adding a tile to the NavBar provides "shortcut" access outside of a homepage or menu navigation. The user can only add tiles they have access to.

  1. Click on the NavBar icon in the upper right of the main toobar.
  2. Once the NavBar menu has slid open, click on the gear icon next the the NavBar title - "Personalize NavBar" icon.
  3. Click the little circled plus sign on the right side of the NavBar Tiles section - "Add Tile" icon.
  4. The "Add Tile" menus will appear similarly to how they are described above for adding tiles to a homepage. 
    Navigate through the menus/sections or search to find the tile you wish to add. Once selected, the tile will show as being added to the bottom of the Personalize settings page. The user can change the order of how the tiles will appear in the NavBar menu by dragging the tile to where it should appear in the listing order.
  5. Once added to the listing order, it will be noticed that some contain the trash can icon. These tiles can be removed from the NavBar listing.
  6. Once the tiles are as wanted on the NavBar, click Save.

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Need help?

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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