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To setup up personalization on pages such as tabbing order, navigate to a classic page and Click "Personalize Page"
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Clear Tabbing Order 

Click this button to define a completely new tabbing order. This clears the current tabbing order, replacing the numbers for each relevant element (any element that you can tab to) with an X. The X indicates that no tab sequence number is applied for that field. You can then assign new tabbing orders to the page elements by using the Include In Tabbing Order, Remove From Order, Move Up In Order, and Move Down In Order buttons described below.

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Restore Default

Removes all tabbing order customizations defined for the page and restores the original tabbing order.
The radio buttons Include In Tabbing Order, Remove From Order, Move Up In Order, and Move Down In Order enable you to control the tabbing order; you click the appropriate radio button and then click the page element you want to change.

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Modify Tabbing Order

To change the tabbing order:
1.    Select the Clear Tabbing Order button to remove all tabbing order settings for the page.
The system replaces each tabbing order number with an X indicating that the page element is no longer included in the tabbing order.

2.    Select the Include In Tabbing Order radio button.

3.    Select the page elements in the tabbing order you want.
The system numbers each field you select sequentially beginning with one.

4.    (Optional) If necessary, select the Move Up In Order or Move Down In Order radio buttons and click on the page elements as needed to adjust the tab order you just set.
These options either promote or demote a page element one step in the tabbing order sequence. The system automatically adjusts all other page element tabbing order numbers accordingly.

Removing Tabbing Order

To remove specific fields from the current tabbing order:
1.    Select the Remove From Order radio button.

2.    Click each page element that you want to remove from the tabbing order.
The tabbing order number for each element that you click is replaced with an X. At runtime, the system skips this page element as you tab through the page.

Saving New Tabbing Order

To save the new tabbing order:
1.    Make sure the Save tabbing order customized below option is selected.

2.    Click the OK button.
The original page displays again with your new tabbing order and other customizations applied.

Need help?

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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