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CourseLeaf CIM - Course Inventory Management

The CIM course proposal form can be found at                       

In the CIM section, click on the CIM Course Administration.

To search for a current course, a deactivated course or find a new course form in progress, use the search tool.

Wildcard feature 

An asterisk may be used as a wildcard.  For example, *1350, with the asterisk preceding, will find all courses, regardless of subject, with a 1350 course number.  Parts of the title or subject will also work, for example, BIO* will find all Biology Courses.  Asterisks on both sides, like *BIO* will find anything that contains "BIO", like subject, title and even workflow step.

Wildcard course number search

Quick Search

The Quick Search dropdown allows the narrowing of proposals to all Edited, Added or Deactivated courses.  For this example, a test course CRIMLJUS 1350 was added.  This course could be either found with the wildcard feature above or using the quick search and selecting "Added".

Quick Search


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