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Where can I find CAT? 

Links to both CAT and CIM can now be found in the Pioneer Portal (  Portal buttons for CAT, CIM Courses, CIM Programs, and the CourseLeaf approval queue are now available. 

The URL for CAT used to contain the word "test", now I see "next".  Am I in the right place?
The URL used to have "test", but since this caused some confusion, we requested that the URL be updated to "next" to signify it's the next catalog.  The updated URL is Old URLs will be redirected to the new link. 

I cannot log in, what do I do?
Contact the Office of the Registrar at 608.342.1321,, or with log in issues.

How can I make edits to my page in Next CAT?
You can navigate to your pages by logging into  Click Edit page on the top left to open the tool bar.  Click Edit page body on the page, to open the editing window.  After editing, click ok to close the window.  DO NOT click Start Workflow.  This will push the page into workflow.  The Registrar's office will notify you when the final workflow approval process will begin.

How can I make edits to requirements on my page in Next CAT?
Now that the curriculum software has been implemented, a.k.a. CIM, requirements can only be updated in CIM.  You'll notice that when you edit the page in CAT, the requirements will be grayed out and there will now be a link at the top of the gray area to bring you to the CIM form. 

What if the requirements are not accurate on the CAT page?
There could be several reasons:
1. Paper curriculum forms are still going through UUCC, so the Registrar's Office will have to administratively update the requirements. 
2. Requirements that are in CIM workflow will show up in CAT, even if not through workflow yet.  To see the most recently approved content, click Show Differences in the Edit toolbar.
3. If the two above don't cover the discrepancies, please contact, or

Is there a way to proof pages?
“View as pdf” in the toolbar is a helpful way to proof pages.

What does a red box mean?
Any red boxes on a page indicate an error with a course listing, or a course not found. Course information cannot be edited, like course descriptions or course titles cannot be edited; however, courses that are red need to be removed or replaced.  If within a paragraph, click Edit page body and delete the course like you would in Microsoft Word.  If in a chart, then click edit page body, double click on the chart with the dark blue edge and remove the class using the course picking tool. If you have any corrections in a course description or title, email them to  If you have any questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at 608.342.1321,, or if you have this issue.

When do I press "start workflow"?
DO NOT press the bright green “start workflow” button until all edits are complete.  If “start workflow” is pressed inadvertently, the next person in the workflow would have to push the page back to continue.  The Registrar's Office will push all pages into workflow when the final editing phase.  You will receive an automatic email when a page is ready for your review.

How do I access my workflow queue?
You will receive an automatic email when you have a page to review, but if you would like to access your queue to look at all of your pages at once, you can go directly to your queue at  NOTE: You may need to choose your role in the "Your role" dropdown at the top of the page to get the pages to appear.

How do I edit pages in my workflow queue.
Click on a link in the Page window on the top half of the page.  The page should appear in the "PAGE REVIEW" pane on the lower half of the page.  To edit the page, click the red Edit button to the right.  You can roll back to the previous step, if a page was inadvertently sent to you or if the previous step needs to make additional changes.  Once edits are complete, click Approve in green to push the page to the next step.

How do I log out?
There is no “log out”. Simply closing the browser serves as the log out function.


Where do I go for help with CourseLeaf?
1. For troubleshooting, first utilize the blue “help” icon at the top of the toolbar. Go to the “CAT” dropdown for helpful information/videos. 
2. If issues persist, contact the Office of the Registrar at 608.342.1321 or


Where can I find old catalogs?
Archived catalogs can be found at Catalog Archives | UW-Platteville.

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