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Q: What is the Pioneer Portal?

A: The Pioneer Portal at https://portal.uwplatt.edu is a door to UW-Platteville's internal content and resources. The Portal provides one-stop access to

  • Campus systems and applications, like Office 365, Canvas, and Qualtrics
  • SharePoint, including the official Campus Hub
  • Campus knowledge bases
  • Campus directories (employees, departments, students)
  • Search functionality for all the above
  • The campus photo gallery
  • The A-Z index

NOTE: The key to seeing SharePoint content and the student directory is that you must be logged in with your UW-Platteville credentials. Only current students and employees have access to SharePoint by default. Microsoft's guest/emeriti license does not include SharePoint.

Q: Do I have to use the Portal?

A: No. The Portal will be set as the default home page on campus browsers. The Portal provides access to campus information, applications, and resources from one spot and can be customized to meet your personal needs. However, you can still utilize bookmarks, or search directly within SharePoint.

Q: Do I have to log into the Portal?

A: Yes and no. By default, you will see campus news and events, and you can use the global A-Z index and the dining menu without logging into the Portal. In default mode, the Portal search will find application buttons, knowledge base documents, forms, and department, faculty, and staff contact information.

To find information within the Campus Hub or student contact information, current students and employees will need to sign into the Portal. You will also need to sign in to use your customized Portal dashboard. Those with Microsoft's guest/emeriti accounts do not have access to SharePoint.

Q: Can I change the applications to ones I often?

A: Yes! The Portal is totally customizable. You can set the Portal up to fit your personal needs: see only the applications YOU use, create a personal shortcuts list or A-Z index, even display your own email and calendar events, if you wish.

Q: What parts of the Portal are customizable?

A: When signed into the Portal, you can customize the following:

  • Widgets -- email snippets, calendar schedule, shortcuts and more
  • Layout -- create a display that works for you
  • Applications (Email, etc)
  • A-Z Index -- import the global (campus) A-Z and/or add your own links
  • Dining Menu

Q: Can anyone use the Portal?

A: Technically, anyone with the URL can go to https://portal.uwplatt.edu and search in default mode for knowledge base documents, forms, or department/faculty/staff contact information. However, in order to see internal university content in the Campus Hub/SharePoint or the student directory, you must be logged in with UW-Platteville credentials. Only current students and employees are be able to view SharePoint and the student directory. Those with Microsoft's guest/emeriti accounts do not have access to SharePoint.

Need help?

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or helpdesk@uwplatt.edu. You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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