NetID Change Request



NetID Change Criteria
NetID (username) change must be authorized by Information Technology Services. Valid reasons for requesting a NetID change include change in marital status and other forms of legal name change. Other reasons may be considered.

Before completing this form, please contact the appropriate office and make sure your legal name change has been entered and processed within the PASS system.

  • NetID change requests will be processed after the legal name change has been completed in the PASS system.
  • Employees must contact the Human Resources office to process a legal name change.
  • Students must contact the Office of the Registrar to proceess a legal name change.

How We Use Your Information

  • Previous and New Names, Gender, and Date of Birth are required to generate a unique NetID.
  • Gender, Date of Birth, and Campus ID Number are used for internal purposes only and will not be included in public directories.
  • New Name, Phone Number and Mailing Address will be included in the UW-Platteville Online Phonebook by default. If you are a student and do not want this information published, please see the Registrar's web pages for more information about Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Phone Number is used by ITS staff to contact you regarding your NetID Change Request. Please provide an active, accurate phone number.

What happens to my stuff?
Once a new NetID is assigned, it will immediately affect the services you use and you will no longer be able to authenticate with your old NetID. However, you should not lose data as part of the NetID Change process.

  • E-mail will automatically be forwarded from your old address to your new address for 30 days. However, you should make any necessary changes or notifications as soon as possible.
  • Content in your home directory, commonly known as your J:\ drive, will be transferred to your new home directory.
  • If you are an employee with a workstation assigned to you, please work with ITS staff to make sure that any files stored on the computer are accessible after the NetID change.
  • Since your user name is changing your Adobe ID will also change and any files you may have in your Adobe Creative Cloud directory will NOT be transferred to the new directory by Adobe.  Please back up any files you may have in Adobe Creative Cloud to a local and/or network drive before the transition.

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • Previous Full Name
  • New Full Name
  • Gender
  • Full Address
  • Phone Number
  • Reason for Request

How to get this Service

Click the Request Service button and complete the form; a Systems Admin staff member will process the request.


This form is available to Students, Faculty, and Staff that are looking to change their NetID (username) for the UW-Platteville campus.

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There is no cost associated with this service.

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