External App/LTI in Canvas



Please refer to the List of Approved Canvas External Applications to make sure you are requesting an approved application before filling out this form. The questions that you are asked will vary on whether the application/LTI that you are requesting has been approved by the Universities of Wisconsin. If your application/LTI is on the approved list, it will be added to your course. Otherwise, submission of this form will start the vetting process.

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • Requestor
  • Account/Dept
  • Product Name
  • Vendor Name
  • Has a license been purchased (Yes/No/Not Applicable)
  • Desired Implementation Timeframe
  • Is the App/LTI on the Approved List?
    • If Yes, the following fields will be required:
      • Instructional Course SIS ID or URL
    • If No, the following fields will be required:
      • Vendor Contact Info (name, email, phone)
      • Vendor website address
      • Describe the cost associated with applicable categories of licensing, subscription, support costs, and hosting charges.
      • Describe the funding sources that will cover the cost of this itegration.
      • How many courses, students, and instructors will initially use the tool?
      • What needs/gaps in teaching and learning will be fulfilled using this tool?
  • Additional Information

How to get this Service

Click on the Request Service button and complete the form; a Canvas Admin will follow up with the request.


This form is available to faculty and instructional staff.

Service Owner

TTC/DLE and Video


There is no cost associated with this service; however the requestor is responsible for the licensing and covering the costs of the App/LTI.

Request Service


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