Instructional Space Support



Submit a support request for a classroom having technology issues. This form can be to report an issue with the computer, a/v equipment, or furniture in the room.

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • Requestor/Customer Name (collected on login)
  • Acct/Dept (collected on login)
  • Building
  • Room
  • Issue Type
    • Classroom Technology - Projector, Projector Screen, Touch Panel, Wacom Tablet, anything other then computer
    • Computer - Computer, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard
    • Instructional Space - white boards, blinds, furniture, or HVAC

How to get this Service

Click the Request Service button and completed the form. The ticket will be routed accordingly.


Any student, faculty, or staff member is able to use this form to submit a support request for a classroom.

Service Owner

Depending on service request needs. This will be determined when the ticket is submitted and reviewed.


There is no cost associated with this service.

Request Service


Service ID: 4894
Wed 8/2/23 2:55 PM
Fri 9/8/23 10:47 AM