Equipment Move Request



This form will be used to request equipment moves on campus. Use this form to submit moves for desktop computers, laptops, docking stations, monitors, local/network printers, and phones. Each equipment type requires different additional information to complete the request. Please fill out the form with as much detail as you can provide. This form can also be used to move individual items or an entire employee's office setup (computer, monitors, peripherals).

If you have additional items such as scanners or other peripherals that also need to be moved, please include these details in the additional notes section.

If only a phone is moving, you may use the form Phone Move Request.

Please submit one form per person/office setup.

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • Current Building/Room of Equipment
  • Current User of Equipment
  • What Equipment is Moving
    • Computer (Laptop or Desktop)
      • Asset Tag
    • Docking Station
    • Monitor(s)
      • Number of Monitors Moving
    • Local Printer (Dymo, Brother, HP)
      • Local Printer Make/Model
    • Network Printer (HP, Canon, Ricoh)
      • Is Network Printer Changing Buildings?
      • Current Network Printer Queue
      • Network Printer Model
      • Network Printer Asset Tag
      • Does Network Printer Currently Fax?
        • Fax Number
    • Phone
      • Phone Number
      • Asset Tag Phone
      • Will Billing Account Change?
        • New Account Code
  • Additional Notes

How to get this Service

Click the Request Service button and completed the form; an ITS staff member will be in contact if further information is needed.


This form is available to Employees.

Service Owner

ITS Hardware and various other ITS teams depending on equipment being moved.


There is no cost associated with this service.

Equipment Move - Main Campus Equipment Move - Baraboo


Service ID: 6426
Thu 1/4/24 2:11 PM
Wed 1/31/24 8:59 AM

Service Offerings (2)

Equipment Move Request - Main Campus
Request to move computer, docking station, monitor(s), phone, local or network printing devices.
Equipment Move Request - Baraboo
Request to move computer, docking station, monitor(s), phone, local or network printing devices.