Audio / Visual Project Intake Form



This form will be used to submit an Audio/Visual (AV) Project Request. Projects can range from Consultation, Budget Estimate for Future Project, Scheduling a Project, or Other, if your request does not fall into one of the listed categories. The submission will follow this process:

  • Project intake form is completed by requester.
  • Intake form received, and a project lead will be assigned to gather more information and prepare materials for further discussion.
  • Internal discussions about the project and determine if the project should more forward to the design and purchasing phase or if additional information is needed.
  • Once the design and purchasing have been completed and equipment arrives, the project will be scheduled for the next available installation date.
  • If competing priorities arise, a collaborative discussion with university administrators will help determine the order in which projects will be completed.

Projects can be submitted at any time throughout the fiscal year.  However, it is advantageous for departments to plan ahead in order to ensure a timely project completion.

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • Requester Name
  • Account / Department
  • What you are looking for in this request
    • Consultation
    • Budget Estimate for Future Project
    • Schedule a Project
    • Other (be specific)
  • Goals of Project
    • New / Improved Capabilities
    • Better User Experience
    • Cost Savings
    • Exploration / Innovation
    • Generate / Increase Revenue
    • Efficiency
    • Risk Management / Mitigation
    • Regulatory / Compliance
    • Other (be specific)
  • Project Description
    • Describe what your project is proposing to do. Also provide possible funding streams.
  • Problem or Opportunity
    • What is the problem or opportunity is the project addressing?
  • Business Need
    • Why is this project worth doing? Why is it important to do now? What are the consequences of not doing this project?
  • Alternative Solutions
    • What alternative solutions have you investigated? Why do they not meet your state objectives?
  • Desired Project Completion Date
  • Reason for Desired Completion Date
    • Is there a reason the project must be completed by this date?
  • Stakeholders
    • List of other stakeholders or team members for this project

How to get this Service

Click the Request Service button and complete the form; an Audio/Visual team member will contact you to arrange a follow up meeting.


This form is available to Faculty and Staff

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