Temporary Group Account Request



Temporary Group Accounts allow access to specific UW-Platteville computer labs for groups visiting the University. This access allows use of computer applications installed on the lab as well as access to the internet. 

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • UW-Platteville Sponsor Information
    • Sponsor's Name
    • Sponsor's Phone Number
    • Sponsor's Email Address
  • Group Information
    • Name of Group
    • Start Date for group
    • End Date for group
    • Number of people using the account (estimate if needed)
    • Which computer lab(s)
    • Printer access (if Yes, provide account code)
  • Additional Information

How to get this Service

Click Request Service button and completed the form; a System Administrator will follow up with questions and username/password for the account.


All groups must have a local/campus sponsor to act as the contact point for the group. All users of the Temporary Group Accounts must abide by all established acceptable use polices.

Examples of Temporary Group Accounts

  • A community organization will be on campus for one evening and would like to use a specific computer lab.
  • Summer camp attendees need to use the computers in the residence halls on the Platteville campus.
  • Seminar presenters need to use the computer and projector in a high tech classroom.

Service Owner

System Administrators Group


There is no cost associated with this service unless printing is needed.

Printing fees

  • Printing to black and white printer - $.04/page
  • Printing duplex to a black and white printer - $.03/page (save $.02)
  • Printing to color printer - $.10/page
  • Printing duplex to color printer - $.08/page (save $.04)
Request Service


Service ID: 926
Wed 9/28/22 10:46 AM
Fri 12/16/22 3:27 PM