Vector Solutions - Risk and Safety Management Training

Additional Details -

Brief Summary:

Vector Solutions Risk and Safety Management training is the university software system for employees to complete training when it comes to employee safety using equipment and physical tasks. 

Company Name:

Vector Solutions -

Software Name:

           Title IX training -

PASS Navigation and UW-Platteville URL:

UWP Satellite System > Staffing Community > Process > Vector Extract
Login Link is sent via email to employees

Population Selection:

All Employees currently active (current date is less than end date on position) and employee is linked in external system table in PASS.

Full Population is selected and used for each run. (Not delta)

Application Level:  

PASS Process Scheduler  - Application Engine (HRH002)

Interface Type:

Flat comma separated file - File name is "uwpemployees.csv" stored locally at psdata1:PSDropBox\Extracts\vectorsolutions\data\ 


           PASS to psdata1 - Weekly - Tuesday 6am
           SFTP from psdata1 to
Vector Solutions - Weekly - Tuesday 7am
Backup - Past 7 files Weekly - Tuesday 7am

Authentication Type:

         Local Accounts for staff
         Email link containing a unique url for staff


Safety & Risk Management

Functional Support Contact Name:

           Scott S Lanphear

Technical Details:

Flat file contains the following feilds:

  • Username - PASS (SIS) unique identifier (emplid)
  • First Name - Preferred First name, if no preferred first name then primary first name
  • Last Name - Primary Last name
  • Position - Working Title - HR or Employee defined Title (not TTC/Job Code Title)
  • Building- Department - Employee primary position department
  • Email Address - Campus/university given email address (
  • Hire Date - Primary Job Start Date
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