Policy: Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings Baraboo Sauk County Campus

UNIVERSITY POLICY: Health & Public Safety


Approved & Effective September 5, 2018
Revised March 16, 2024


The purpose of this policy is to ensure UW-Platteville’s compliance with the requirements of the Clery Act. Any changes in the Clery Act requirements will supersede the relevant provisions of this policy.


The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County maintains guidelines for keeping the community informed about safety and security matters on campus and maintains compliance with applicable features of the Clery Act (20 USC 1092(f)).



Under the Clery Act, UW-Platteville is required to immediately notify the campus community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on-campus and in on-campus student housing that involves an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees. An “immediate” threat includes an imminent or impending threat, such as an approaching forest fire, or a fire currently in a campus building. In the event of an emergency, please contact the City of Baraboo Police Department and Sauk County Sheriff’s Office by dialing 911. These situations are referred to as Emergency Notifications. Some other examples of significant emergencies or dangerous situations may be:

  • Outbreak of meningitis, norovirus or other serious illness;
  • Approaching tornado, or other extreme weather conditions;
  • Earthquake;
  • Gas leak;
  • Bomb Threat;
  • Civil unrest or rioting;
  • Explosion;
  • Nearby chemical or hazardous waste spill.
  1. The Administrative Director and/or Student Life & Activities Coordinator typically confirm significant emergencies or dangerous situations involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees, by obtaining witness statements at the scene or working directly with key administrative units, such as the Baraboo Police Department, Facilities, Information Technology Services, other local first-responder agencies, public health agencies, and the National Weather Service, to obtain reliable and current information and assessments.  This team will also make decisions surrounding notification receipt based on an assessment of: incident location, impacted population, those at risk, and circumstances that may arise.  The entire campus will be notified in instances impacting a large segment of the campus community, or threatening the operation of the University.
  2. In the event an emergency notification can be issued to a segment of the campus community, Administrative Director and/or Student Life & Activities Coordinator, in consultation with key administrative units, such as Facilities, Information Technology Services, and/or the local first-responder agencies, and public health agencies, and the National Weather Service, will make that determination based on the type of emergency, location, impact to community, and the overall safety and security of the campus.  For example, a chemical spill in the Chemistry lab.  In this scenario, it may be necessary to send out a notification to the occupants of that building to evacuate and stay away from the building, but there may not be a need to send out a campus wide message. 
  3. Even if there is a decision to segment there will be a continuous assessment of the situation and if needed additional segments of the campus may be notified.
  4. When the Baraboo Sauk County campus receives and confirms information that there is an emergency or dangerous situation that poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of some or all of the members of the Baraboo Sauk County campus community, the university will and without delay, notify the University community, or the appropriate segment of the community if the threat is limited to a particular building or segment of the population. Complete notification of 100-percent of the campus population is not possible; however, attempts will be made to notify the largest percentage feasible in the fastest way available. The primary notification system at UW-Platteville is the Rave Alert System, which is a text alert and email based notification. See the list below for those authorized to create and send notifications using this system.
  5. Those involved in the notification process will take into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the notification message, (by utilizing one of the Rave Alert Emergency Notification templates and adding information as to the type of emergency, safety information, and if applicable what specific segment of the campus community is targeted and should be avoided), determine the audience for the message (campus community or a specific segment), and initiate the notification system.
  6. The notification system will be initiated by the following:
    1. For fires in any of the campus buildings, the automated Fire Alarm system will create a visual and audible alarm in the specific building where smoke and/or fire was detected. If it appears the fire from one building might spread to another, the Administrative Director and/or Student Life & Activities Coordinator will activate the Rave Alert (Email/Text Alert) to those that may be affected and/or will activate the Fire Alarm System in those buildings to begin evacuation.
    2. For all other emergencies the Administrative Director and/or Student Life & Activities Coordinator will be the primary first responders and will evaluate and analyze the incident to determine the scope of the emergency situation and resources needed, with the assistance of other key departments at the University (Facilities, ITS, Residence Life) and emergency response resources in the community (police, fire, ems, weather service, etc.). The Administrative Director or designee will receive real-time updates from personnel responding or at the scene of any emergency related event when possible. Once the Administrative Director or designee receives that information, UW-Platteville will utilize a current list of authorized employees that can send emergency communications (see below), to determine who will send that information out to the campus community.
  7. A notification will not be issued if issuing a notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities (Administrative Director and Student Life & Activities Coordinator, and local emergency services), compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.
  8. An Emergency Notification will normally be distributed by any or all the methods listed below, depending on the segment of campus affected or size of the target audience required to receive the message. The Administrative Director and Student Life & Activities Coordinator, and the Communications Manager are designated to initiate one or more of the following methods:
    1. A campus-wide email text message and email blast to the campus community; UW-Platteville has partnered with Rave Wireless, Inc. to provide emergency text and email messaging to the campus community. Rave’s Text and Email alert system is an “opt out” service for all students, meaning that at registration, students are automatically enrolled into the notification system and if a student chooses not to participate, that student would have to deactivate their account. For University employees, these text and email alerts are also an “opt out” service, but the University does not require that employees provide a cell phone number. Therefore, the Rave Text and Email alert system is discussed at all new employee orientations.
    2. Message posted on the home page of the UW-Platteville and/or Baraboo Sauk webpage depending on the type of emergency and locations affected by the emergency.
    3. Message posted through UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County’s Facebook and Twitter social media accounts;
      (It should be noted that while the Administrative Director and Student Life & Activities Coordinator, and Communications Manager will be main group responsible for initiating the alert systems, UW-Platteville realizes that there may be instances when all three are busy dealing with the emergency at hand. In those cases, UW-Platteville has created a list of authorized employees that can assist in sending alerts on behalf of the Administrative Director.)
  9. Parents and the larger community can receive information pertaining to an emergency situation at the university through some or all the following systems: the UW-Platteville Baraboo Home PageUW- Platteville Baraboo Facebook Page, and UW-Platteville Baraboo Twitter Feed, and in some cases, local news media and radio stations. The University and External Relations Division is tasked with providing the most up to date information on the University Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  They will receive constant updates and information from the University Emergency Operations Center.  The University and External Relations Division also has an excellent working relationship with the local area newspaper and media outlets.  These entities are encouraged to follow the University Facebook and Twitter feeds and in the event of an emergency notification, University and External Relations will be in direct contact with those organizations.  Parents and students are advised of all these emergency notification systems during New Student Registration and for students and staff, throughout the school year in the form of presentations and emails.
  10. In addition, UW- Platteville’s Rave Alert System allows students to add parents and/or any other emergency contact to the student’s account, providing those on the account access to text alerts.
  11. Notification may also result in the mobilization of the Campus Emergency Plan and/or the activation of the Executive Group and/or Emergency Operations Center.


The Clery Act requires institutions to distribute Timely Warnings regarding Clery reportable crimes that represent a serious or continuing threat to the safety of students or employees. Institutions are required to publish their policies regarding Timely Warnings in their Annual Campus Security Report. 

Therefore, it is the policy of UW-Platteville that a Timely Warning will be issued for all Clery reportable crimes (below), reported to a CSA, that occur within its Clery geography to include (on-campus, on-campus student housing, non-campus properties, and public property) as defined by the Clery Act, that pose a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community. 

  • Criminal homicide: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, manslaughter by negligence
  • Sexual assault: rape, fondling, incest, statutory rape
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Burglary
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Arson
  • Domestic violence
  • Dating violence
  • Stalking
  • Weapons law violations
  • Drug abuse violations
  • Liquor law violations
  • Hate Crimes (All the above) and;
    • Larceny-theft
    • Simple assault
    • Intimidation
    • Destruction/damage/vandalism of property
  1. The following factors should be considered when determining whether to issue a Timely  Warning:
    1. The location of the crime
    2. The nature of the crime (serious/non-serious, violent/non-violent)
    3. The nature of the threat (general threat versus limited threat to a specific  person)
    4. Whether or not there is a continuing danger to the community or a continuing crime  pattern.
      1. Aggravated Assault (cases involving assaults, among known parties, such as two roommates fighting which results in an aggravated injury, will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine if the individual is believed to be an on-going threat to the larger UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County Campus community)
      2. Robbery involving force or violence (cases including pick pocketing and purse snatching will typically not result in the issuance of a Timely Warning, but will be assessed on a case by case basis)
      3. Sexual Assault (considered on a case by case basis depending on the facts of the case, when and where the incident occurred, when it was reported, and the amount of information known by local law enforcement and the UW Baraboo-Sauk County Administrative Director and/or Student Life & Activities Coordinator.)
  2. When issuing a Timely Warning notice, some information may be withheld if there is a possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts to investigate and/or solve the crime.
  3. When the Campus becomes aware of a situation that meets the criteria for a Timely Warning, the Administrative Director or their designee will work with UW-Platteville’s Public Information Officer to disseminate the following information
    1. Date and time or time frame of the incident
    2. A brief description of the incident
    3. Information that will promote safety and potentially aid in the prevention of similar crimes
    4. Suspect description(s) when deemed appropriate and if there is sufficient detail. The description of subject in a case will only be included in the alert if there is a sufficient amount of detail to describe the individual.
    5. Police agency contact information
    6. Other information as deemed appropriate by the Administrative Director or designee.
  4. If the victim of the crime is a person, that person will not be identified by name in a Timely Warnings. Timely Warnings are issued as soon as the pertinent information is available to the Administrative Director or his/her designee.
  5. When other entities on campus learn of an incident in which a Timely Warning may be needed, he/she should share that information with the local law enforcement by calling 911 or contact the Administrative Director at 608.355.5226 to determine if it meets the criteria for a Timely Warning.
  6. In the event that a Timely Warning is needed, the Administrative Director and/or University Public Information Officer or designee develops the content of the Timely Warning and has the authority to authorize the distribution of Timely Warning to the community.  UW-Platteville will utilize a current list of authorized employees that can send emergency communications (see below). Consideration must be given to the most appropriate means to be used to disseminate the information to the affected community. The following methods or combination of communication may be used:
    1. A campus-wide text message and email blast to the UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County Community;
    2. Message posted on the home page of the UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County website;
    3. Message posted through UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County's Facebook and Twitter Social Media accounts;
  7. The Campus does not issue Timely Warnings for the above listed crimes if:
    1. The Administrative Director or their designee determines there is no serious or continuing threat to the safety of the UW-Platteville campus community.
    2. The subject(s) is apprehended and the threat of imminent danger to members of the UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk Countly's community have been mitigated by the apprehension.
    3. If a report was not filed with the Campus or if the Campus was not notified of the crime in a matter that would allow the Campus to post a "timely" Timely Warning to the community. A general guideline will include a report that is filed more than 7-10 days after the date of the alleged incident may not allow the department to post a "timely" Timely Warning to the community. This type of situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may fall under the Emergency Notification section of this policy.
  8. Issued Timely Warning are filed in the Clery folder on the network drive. Specifically, each Timely Warning is filed in the year in which it was issued, in a folder titled, “Timely Warnings & Emergency Notifications”.


Students and employees are automatically enrolled to receive Pioneer Alerts emergency text messages, unless they opt-out of the Rave Alert program. Student cell phone numbers are retrieved from the UW-Platteville PASS system. If an employee provides a cell phone number to Human Resources, he/she is automatically enrolled in the system as well. For employees that did not provide a cell phone number, or if a student chooses to add a parent, relative, or friend into the Rave Alert system, please register here: https://go.uwplatt.edu/rave

Everyone with a UW-Platteville, including branch campuses, affiliated email address receives Timely Warnings, Emergency Notifications, and Pioneer Alerts and cannot opt-out or unsubscribe. The email database is updated daily with the most current list of email addresses. Additional emergency contact and local contact information for students and employees can be registered at https://campus.uwplatt.edu/its/pass



The Communications office, in conjunction with the Baraboo Sauk County Campus Administrators, test the Pioneer Alert text messaging and email system on a monthly basis. This test is completed on the first Wednesday of each month and it sent out campus wide.


Senior Leader: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance
Responsible University Officer: Chief of University Police
Policy Owner: Administrative Director Baraboo Sauk County Campus
Policy Contact: Clery Coordinator


 Primary Contact Name  Phone  Fax/Email 
 Administrative Director Stephen Swallen 608-355-5226 swallens@uwplatt.edu
 Clery Coordinator Jason Williams  608-342-1584  williaja@uwplatt.edu 


Policy: Clery Compliance Act


Employees Authorized to Send Emergency Notifications & Timely Warnings (Baraboo Sauk County Campus)

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