Emma Email Marketing Software FAQ

Who do I contact for more information or questions?

Contact Marketing

How do I create an account?

All accounts are created by the Marketing Department. To request an account, email marketing@uwplatt.edu with this information:

  • Name of account (example: Department name)
  • Email addresses of people who need access
  • Account code
    • We must receive email approval from account manager
Where can I log into my Emma account?

Log in at www.myemma.com. Emma can also be found by searching Pioneer Portal. Consider adding the blue application button to your customized Portal Home page for easy access or add the URL to your A-to-Z/short cuts list.

Is there someone who will help me proof my emails?

Yes, just send a test email to marketing@uwplatt.edu and let us know how soon you need it back. We can turn it around within a day for most emails.

  What are the university web colors?
University web colors  
            UW-Platteville blue  #0067B1
            UW-Platteville orange  #FE7311
 Secondary web colors  
            Dark blue  #001F4E
            Light blue  #7FBBE6
            Dark grey  #BBD5E7
            Grey  #787878
            Light grey  #DEDEDE
      Highlight blue  #BBD5E7
      Medium blue   #00447C
If I cannot log in, what do I do?

Contact the Marketing Department at 608.342.1197 or marketing@uwplatt.edu.

 Where do I go for help with Emma?

If you are having an issue with Emma:

Where do I go for help and training?

You can contact Marketing  at 608.342.1197 or marketing@uwplatt.edu or Emma provides numerous free resources:



Need help?

Any questions, concerns, or technical issues should be directed to Marketing  at 608.342.1197 or marketing@uwplatt.edu.

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