Policy: Emerit Policy for University Staff

University Policy: Human Resources

Responsible University Official: Provost


Emerit status is an honor bestowed upon University Staff members in recognition of excellence of past contributions to UW-Platteville. Appointments to emerit status provide University Staff members with support necessary to remain active contributors to UW-Platteville after retirement. Emerit appointments generally are for the lifetime of the University Staff member and are terminated only for cause.


Emerit status can be conferred only on retiring employees who have activated a Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Annuity. Candidates should meet these criteria:

  1. The University Staff member must have at least 10 or more years of service at UW- Platteville.
  2. The University Staff member must be officially retiring from the University of Wisconsin System.
  3. The University Staff member must have served the university in a manner that either met or exceeded the expectations of the position.

Emerit Recommendation Process:

  1. The supervisor/department chair recommendation, in the form of a letter, will be forwarded to the UW-Platteville University Staff Senate for its action. University Staff interested in Emerit status should discuss with their supervisor prior to retirement.
  2. The UW-Platteville University Staff Senate will forward its recommendations to the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services for her/his decision.
  3. The Chancellor will review the recommendations from the Vice Chancellor and provide notification of his/her decisions to Human Resources and the University Staff Senate.

Privileges of Emerit Status

Individuals with emerit status may retain their UW-Platteville identification cards for use in Karrmann Library, the Pioneer Activity Center, campus bookstore, and other campus facilities. The ID card will provide emeriti with any discounts (including, but not exclusive to, PAC membership, bookstore sales, sporting events, and fine arts productions) afforded to current employees. They are also eligible for free parking privileges. They will automatically retain their computer account(s) including e-mail and network drive access. Those wishing to obtain a parking permit can do so by completing a form with the University Police. The University Police will then verify the emerit status with the Human Resource office and issue a non-expiring parking permit, which can only be used by that individual. The parking permit is valid in any staff parking lot.

Approved by University Staff Senate March 28, 2017
Approved by Chancellor Shields on May 4, 2017
Minor edit 02/25/2021 
All emeritus language changed to emerti October 2022

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