CourseLeaf - CIM - Approving Proposals

CourseLeaf CIM - Approving Proposals

For CIM approvers, when a course or program proposal is ready to be approved, an email notification will be sent from  (If you reply to this email, it will be sent to

The email will provide the link to the course proposal in the CourseLeaf role approval queue.  In the example below, a proposal was sent to the Criminal Justice Department Chair for a change to the Criminal Justice Minor.

Email Notification example

1. Click on the link in the email and log into CIM.  This will take you directly to the appropriate approval queue.

2. In the approval queue, select the proposal you wish to view, turning that line dark blue and providing a preview in the Page Review pane in the bottom half of the page.  You may review the proposal in this pane.

Page Review in CIM

3. Edit - Opens up the proposal in a new window.  Make any edits as needed and click either Cancel or Save Changes.

4. You may review the changes that all editors made one at a time by selecting the user in the View Changes by at the top of the preview pane.  If you select a user, you will only see the red/green markup (red indicating removals and green meaning additions) performed by that specific user.

View Changes By dropdown

5. Rollback- Click this button to roll it back to the previous step.  If your role is the first step in workflow, it will roll back to the proposer.  That user appear in the "Rollback to:" area.  A comment is required to rollback.  After completing comment, click Rollback and the recipient of the rollback will receive a notification email.  This proposal will no longer appear in your queue.​​​​​​​

Rollback Page

6. Approve- After reviewing the proposal and making edits, if applicable, click Approve to move the proposal to the next step.  The workflow appears on the right of the proposal.  Orange is the workflow step in which the proposal is pending.  Once approved, that step will turn green and the next step will turn orange.

Approval Workflow

Tip: If you need to search for the notification email later, [CIM Programs] or [CIM Courses] can be searched.  Also, you can go to, but the your role will have to be manually selected in the dropdown to see the correct queue.

If you are an approver in CAT and CIM, you may have two roles with slightly different names.

Role dropdown in CIM


Contact the Office of the Registrar at 608.342.1321,, or 

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