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Instructions on finding and installing software from Software Center. This is where software titles will appear that are available to install on your computer.
Installing Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications on your university-issued device.
In the event of an unplanned campus-wide technology outage, ITS will employ the widest variety of media available to communicate necessary information and updates.
Information Technology Services schedules weekly maintenance of campus systems every Friday from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. with several exceptions.
There are several offices/departments that add new people (emplids) into PASS. Many of these departments required certain data before creating the emplid in PASS. This is a simple matrix of what departments require and what is optional to enter a new emplid into PASS.
Newly deployed software will not list in Software Center immediately. Doing this process will force the configuration manager client to check in to the management point and update the available software list.
Instructions on how to change or add addresses on PASS CX.