CourseLeaf - CIM - How to Propose a New Program in the Program Administration Form

CourseLeaf CIM - Program Management

The CIM program proposal form can be found at

In the CIM section, click on CIM Program Administration.

It is very important to only propose a new program if it is truly new.  If editing a current program, see CourseLeaf - CIM - How to Edit a Program in the Program Administration Form.

1. Click on Propose New Program 

Propose New Program

2. Fill out all fields in red.  Choose the effective catalog.  Program changes may only be proposed for Fall.   Choose departments that are related or affected by this new program.  To add two or more departments, click on the green plus sign to add a row.  To remove a department, click the red circle with the white X.  Related departments receive an FYI email after the chair approves, however, check with your CCC to see if additional information or approvals from related departments is required.

New Program Form

3. A program description is not required, but helpful to the Registrar's Office when creating the catalog page.  This information can be updated during the catalog editing window.  For additional information, contact the Registrar's Office.

Program Description

4. In the program requirements window, double click on the blue box to open the course picking tool.  The left of the window are courses that are available and the right are courses that are in the requirements list.  For more detailed information on using the course picking tool see  CourseLeaf - CIM - Tips for the Course Picking Tool in the Program Administration Form

IMPORTANT: The course picking tool must be used to build requirements as they will appear in the catalog and how the requirements will be built on the AAR.  Including notes referring to an attachment or another document will be returned.  It is important that the requirements are clearly stated.  If you need any assistance or training (or refresher training) for the use of this tool, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Course Picking tool icon

5. Select the “Course List” option.  Click OK.

Course List formatted table

6. You may want to look at other pages in that catalog for the general formatting for requirement lists.  Generally, the list starts with a header called Required Courses.  To create a header, you need to create a comment entry.  On the bottom left of the course picking tool click Add Comment Entry.  In the pop-up enter Required Courses and click ok.

Header comment entry

7. To make the header bold, Required Courses should be highlighted in blue (if not, click on it), and check the box on the bottom right called Area Header.

Area Header

8.  Next is to start choosing courses.  The left are the available courses and the right is the requirement list.  You may have to change the 

The list on the list are courses that are available.  Change the department on the upper left to change the courses available to choose from.  

Course Picking tool

9. Highlight the course that you would like to add to the requirement list.  Click on the >> to move the course to the right.  TIP: You may also double click on the course to move it to the right.

10. If you need to change the order of your courses on the right, highlight the course and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Moving a course up and down in the requirement list

11. Click on the Sum Hours box on the upper left to display the sum hours at the bottom of the requirement list.

Sum Hours

12. Click ok to exit the Course Picking tool.  Look over your requirements.  If any edits are required, double click on the blue-outlined box to re-open the tool.

For additional information and tips on tips on the course picking tool, including adding "ors" or "footnotes" see the other related KB documents.

13.  Fill in the required fields for Student and University Impacts.

Student and University Impacts

14.  Provide the required attachments.

Required Attachments

15. You may save at any time and return to your program edit form.  When you are done with your edits, scroll down and click Start Save and Workflow.

16. If you no longer need a form that you have started, contact the Registrar's Office to shred your form.


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