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Adding a tile directly to the NavBar allows you to click and go directly to the page without needing to navigate through the menus.
Students may grant a third party (for example, a parent, spouse, or employer) access to certain features within PASS Campus Experience. These instructions document the process to add a guest.
Registration in courses at UW-Platteville is completed via PASS (Pioneer Administrative Software System). This is a web-based tool; therefore, scheduling classes can be done at any computer with internet access. This guide outlines the steps of registering for classes. Depending on your situation, you may not need all of the steps.
There are several offices/departments that add new people (emplids) into PASS. Many of these departments required certain data before creating the emplid in PASS. This is a simple matrix of what departments require and what is optional to enter a new emplid into PASS.
Instructions on how to change or add addresses on PASS CX.
Instructions on how to change or add phone numbers on PASS CX.
Instructions on how to swap a class.
Instructions for adding a class to your schedule through PASS CX.
Instructions for viewing your enrollment appointment.
Instructions on how to successfully complete the Pre-Registration Agreement