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This article demonstrates the format for creating a text file that can then be converted to a QTI file. This file can then be imported into Canvas as a New or Classic Quiz.
Turnitin is a similarity detection tool used to promote originality and to maintain academic integrity in assessments. There are several options for using the tool, with different features available. This article points to the available choices. and the Turnitin Originality Checker in Canvas allow instructors to check student-submitted assignments against a database of existing journals, books, and other written materials (both published and submitted by students). Turnitin's Similarity Report (formerly called the Originality Checker) is integrated into Canvas as an external tool. Integrating this tool with any Canvas assignment generates an originality report for each student submission. Turnitin should be added to the ass
Canvas by Instructure is a learning management system​​​​​​​ allowing students to submit assignments, answer discussions, and access and upload media using Canvas Studio. Like students, Canvas allows teachers to create assignments, discussions, pages, and modules.
Instructions for faculty and staff on how to submit grades into PASS.
A guide for students that will be using the Zoom online proctoring solution
A course instructor can request that student employees be added to their course. Only the director, department chair, or program coordinator who oversees a course can request that additional staff or faculty members be enrolled in a course. When additional staff or faculty are requested, the requestor will be asked to identify why the enrollment is needed, and how it aligns with the academic interests of the students who are enrolled in the course.
Some instructors choose to utilize digital learning materials in their courses.  Canvas administrators can verify materials are integrated properly in Canvas, but they do not have administrative access to the integrated resources. Therefore, the support that ITS can provide is minimal. For the most part, instructors will need to work with the digital resource vendor or publisher for technical support.
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