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Turning off conversation view in OWA (web browser).
The Notify button on the self-service pages provides a mechanism to send an e-mail to a select group of student/advisees or all students/advisees. This functionality is available to both instructors and advisors on the Advisee roster, Class roster, and Grade roster.
Account provisioning and disablement schedule for UW-Platteville on-campus and online students. This schedule does not apply to students enrolled in UW-Platteville's print-based distance learning program.
Instructions for logging into your Office 365 account at UW-Platteville
If you know your current PIN and want to change it, you can do so from your desk phone. If you do not remember your PIN, you may set a new PIN from the web by referring to the related article "Resetting your voice mail PIN from the web".
Instructions on how to view Advisor information.
Changing the setting from the default of "Reply all" to "Reply" in Outlook on the Web.