Department Computer Buy Approval Process

This document outlines the approval process currently in place for the bi-annual department computer buys. NOTE: The dates listed are for the Spring 2023 buy.

  1. ITS Support Liaisons will work with assigned departments to determine computer/accessory needs and create order. NOTE: EMS staff: Be sure to CC on all communications related to computer purchases.
  2. Departments will provide an account number for the purchase of computers and accessories; providing this account number will serve as official approval for charge-back.
  3. Liaisons will enter the order by end of day Friday, April 7 and provide departments with either an email or an itemized receipt from our ticketing system.
  4. The order will be submitted the week of April 10.
  5. ITS will charge back departments for the items ordered.

NOTE: Due to the pandemic’s effect on global industry, the delivery time line is dependent upon many factors out of ITS control.  Electronic items are taking 16 or more weeks to arrive. If that holds true, deployment might not begin until late Summer 2023. ITS will begin deployment as soon as the equipment is ready.





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If you have questions regarding the computer buy approval process, please contact Tonya Stappert, director of ITS Support Services, at

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