Current Storage Volume URLs

Current Storage Volume URLs for Windows:

Shared network storage: \\\shared1
Personal network storage: \\\user1\firstinitial\username
Shared Application storage: \\\app1
Academic storage: \\\acad1
PASS Dropbox: \\\psdata1

WEB2 FireFly: \\\WEB2
Media Tech Services media storage: \\\media1
Other Data storage: \\\data1
IT only storage: \\\tech1
Temporary Network storage: \\\hdcopy

Current Storage Volume URLs for Mac:

Shared network storage: smb://
Personal network storage: smb://
Shared Application storage: smb://
Academic storage: smb://
PASS Dropbox: smb://

WEB2 Firefly: smb://
Media Tech Services media storage: smb://
Other Data storage: smb://
IT only storage: smb://
Temporary Network storage: smb://

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