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Checklist of items one must consider and/or do prior to getting a new device or operating system (reimaging) as well as what must be done to restore data and applications afterward.
Check for Windows Updates
Excel will block macros when the file is not listed as a trusted source. This commonly affects template files provided by UW System, such as the "Actuals Journal Upload Template". This article presents each step needed to get the file listed as a trusted source.
Software requirements for all campus owned workstations, laptops or tablets.
Supplemental resources from Technology Mashup - January 2024 - Tools for Transition
Fixing the "Work or school account problem" notification in Windows 10.
Jabber settings for selecting the speaker and microphone that Jabber will use for phone calls.
These directions for setting a default program are specifically for Windows 10, but may also work for other versions of Windows operating system.
Instructions for enabling JavaScript for each browser