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When a student requests access for a guest in PASS, the guest receives an email with a link to a temporary password. After logging into PASS for the first time, the guest is encouraged to change this temporary password. This document outlines the process to follow.
Students may grant a third party (for example, a parent, spouse, or employer) access to certain features within PASS Campus Experience. These instructions document the process to add a guest.
This article will assist consumers with setting up their UW-Platteville account or retrieving forgotten usernames and passwords.
Instructions for requiring university authentication to access a Qualtrics survey so that only UW-Platteville account holders can submit responses.
Instructions for retrieving your forgotten UW-Platteville password using your challenge responses
Requirements for UW-Platteville account passwords and the notification process for passwords which are about to expire.
It is important to remember these responses so that you can gain access to your account in the event you forget your password, or your password expires.
Instructions for changing your UW-Platteville password