Phone or Voicemail Configuration Change



This form will be used to request a change to a phone or voicemail configuration. This could be to add or remove the phone from a hunt group, change the button layout of the phone soft keys, or reset a voicemail pin.

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • Phone Number (the number next to the primary line key in upper left corner of the display)
  • Name of employee the phone is assigned to
  • Building / Room
  • Due Date

How to get this Service

Click the request service button and complete the form.


Any employee with a phone assigned or supervisor of an employee.

Service Owner



Monthly cost for phone service depending on model of phone. This cost does not include any long distance charges.
Cisco 7841 - $11.00
Cisco 8841 - $12.02
Cisco 8851 - $12.81
Cisco 8851 with Key Expansion Module - $16.68

Request Service

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