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Lookup Student is an administrative view of the Student's view in HCX. Not all of the pages are identical and this document is a summary of the view.


 Staff who currently have access to Student Services Center (Student), also have Lookup Student in CX, which will allow staff to see a close representation of student's CX Dashboard (with the exception of a Student Group page).  Access may be different based upon Basic or Full security.  If there is not a view only version of a CX page, the left nav will lead to a related KB document.   

1. Log into PASS CX.

2. In your PASS Homepage, click on the Campus Experience Dashboard Tile on the Homepage or in the Nav Bar NavBarUploaded Image (Thumbnail)

3. In the PASS CX Dashboard, select Lookup Student.

Lookup Student Menu

4. Enter search criteria.  At a minimum, one letter is required in the First and Last Name field, or enter the student ID.  Click Search.

5. To the right of the student, click Act As User.

Act As User

6. Read the FERPA statement and click Continue.  Now you will be in the student's PASS CX Dashboard

Note: There is a statement at the top of the page, "Acting As..." followed by the student name.  Remember: A majority of these pages are view only.  If there is not a view only page available, the left navigation will lead to a related KB document.

Act As Dashboard

7. Depending on whether or not you have basic or full access, you may have less options in the left menu, for example, basic access does not include Financials.

Class Information

Class Information Menu

NOTE: Class Information is an area set up differently in CX Lookup Student.  For staff and students, this menu leads to Class Search, Course Catalog and Browse Classes.  Here, Class Information leads to the student Schedule.  

The schedule page defaults to the list view, highlighted below, but can be changed to the calendar view.

List View


Lookup Student - Enrollment Menu

  • Planner - Admins may see what courses are in a student's planner and in what terms.
  • Enroll/Shopping Cart - Admins may see what courses are in a student's shopping cart for a term.
  • Edit Enrollment - This leads to PASS CX - Edit Enrollment (Credits and Related Sections)  This page is used by students to edit credits on a variable credit course.
  • Drop Classes - This leads to PASS CX - Dropping a Class  This page is used to drop classes, if allowed according to the academic calendar deadlines.
  • View Wait List - This is only used by Center for Distance Learning admins only.  Main and Baraboo Sauk County campuses do not use PASS Wait Lists.
  • Enrollment Dates - You may see the enrollment appointment assigned to a student indicating when enrollment will open for the student in a given Fall/Spring term.  Enrollment appointments are not assigned in Summer and Winterim.  Open enrollment dates would also be listed on this page.
  • Swap Classes -  This leads to PASS CX - Swapping a Class  This page allows students to do a drop and add in one step, if within the academic calendar deadlines.
  • Schedule Builder - Only Student Record Administrators have access to a student's schedule builder from this navigation.
  • NSC Enroll Verify - This leads to PASS CX - Displaying and printing an enrollment verification through PASS CX Dashboard .  This page allows students to access the National Student Clearinghouse to view and print their enrollment verification.
  • Print Voter Enrollment - This leads to PASS CX - Displaying and printing a Voter Enrollment Verification through PASS CX Dashboard .  This page allows student to access the voter enrollment verification to take to the polls on voting day, along with other identification noted in the KB and in CX.  


Academics menu

  • Programs - Admins may be able to drill down to see the career, college and majors/minors/emphases for a student.  Access may be limited to what Department security you have assigned
  • Test Scores - View student test scores, like WEMPT and ACT
  • Degree Progress - This is the Academic Advisement Report in CX.  The PDF is also available by selecting View PDF at the top of the page.
  • What-If - This page allows a user to view What-If AARs recently generated by either the student, advisor or an administrator.
  • Course List - This is the student's full Course History.
  • View Unofficial Transcript - This leads to  PASS - Running an unofficial transcript in PASS
  • Grades -  Grades by term for the student.
  • Advisor Information - A student's advisor for a given college and major, minor or emphasis.  
  • Advising Notes - Leads to a view only page, if a note is posted. The Registrar's Office will use this page to post Degree Progress Evaluations to students who applied for graduation.  Additional information can be found at  PASS CX - Viewing Your Degree Progress Evaluation.  
  • Transfer Credit - View a student's transfer credits by external institution.
  • Student Groups - View student groups in which students are active.  Admins must have the appropriate security access to see the specific group(s).
  • My Book List - This leads to PASS CX - My Book List  The Book List is for on-campus undergraduate students only, and provides required books for textbook rental.  
  • My Books to be Returned - This leads to PASS CX - My Books to Be Returned.  A list of all the books students have rented from the Textbook Center, and also includes important Textbook Center information, including late fees and due dates.
  • Request an Official Transcript - This leads to PASS CX - Requesting an Official Transcript.  For students, this navigation leads to an external site for ordering transcripts through Credentials, our 3rd party transcript vendor.  
  • Current/Past Catalogs - This leads to Catalog | Registrar | UW-Platteville (, which is a page that contains both the links to the current undergraduate and graduate catalogs, and also links to the available archived catalogs for both careers.  If information is needed from catalogs prior to the ones available, contact the Registrar's Office.

Financials (Full access only)

Financials Menu

My Information

My Information Menu

  • To Dos - This contains checklist items, usually from Financial Aid or Admissions
  • Tasks - This would contain Activity Guides, like the Pre-Registration Agreement and the Textbook Rental Agreement
  • Holds - Any holds that a student might have, like Financial Delinquent holds or the Registration hold that gets released with the completion of the Pre-Registration Agreement.
  • Notifications - Previously only viewable in PASS Express, these are notifications that are automatically sent to the student when changes occur, like cancelled classes or class time changes.
  • Privacy Settings -  For both staff and students, this navigation leads to the FERPA information page on the Registrar's Office website at


Admissions Menu

  • Application Status  - Leads to an Admissions page that provides a status for all applications on file. 

My Profile

My Profile Menu

  • General Information - Contains the student photo, student ID, campus ID and program information at a glance.  Note: The pages below may also be access with tabs across the top of this page.
  • Biographical Information - Basic information on a student, like primary and preferred name, Legal Gender and Marital Status.
  • Contact Info - A student's address, phone and email information
  • Emergency Contacts - Phone and other provided information for a student's emergency contacts.  

Manage Guests - This page allows admins to see to whom a student granted account access.  A student may allow a third party (for example, a parent, spouse, or employer) access to certain features within PASS Campus Experience. Additional information is in KB PASS CX - Managing Guest User Access   

Manage Guests

Friends - This leads to PASS CX - Friends.   The "My Friends" feature allows a student to share their schedule with other UW-Platteville students.


New Student Experience - Leads to a Step-by-Step guide for New Freshman to register for New Student Experience (NSE).

New Student Experience

Housing/Meal Plans - Leads to an admin KB for StarRez, Guide through StarRez for Incoming Student (requires a log in).

Housing/Meal Plans

Shortcuts - Provides convenient access to other frequently used sites.


8. To exit Lookup Student and return to your PASS CX Dashboard, click Exit. (If you don't see this Exit button at the top of the screen, click Dashboard on the top of the left Nav first, then it should appear.)

Exit from Lookup Student

9. To return to your PASS Homepages, click Full Site at the bottom of the navigation.

Full Site


Need help?


If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.



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