Computer Reimage to Windows 11 (Main Campus)



NOTE: Some university devices are not compatible with Windows 11.  These older devices cannot be reimaged with Windows 11. If you are unsure whether your device is compatible or not, please submit the request, and the Help Desk staff will let you know.

By October 2025 all compatible computers on campus must be reimaged and running Windows 11 to keep in support and secure at the operating system level. It is the customer's responsibility to backup any and all data on their computer that they wish to save. Reimaging the computer will result in all data being deleted from the computer.

Information needed for Request to be Completed

  • Requester (user of computer)
  • Location and Room
  • Asset Tag (one asset per request)
  • Additional Details*

* NOTE: When selecting a "Desired Drop Off or Appointment Date and Time", be sure to specify a time.  The system defaults to 12:00AM (midnight), which is understandably outside regular business hours.  You can either enter a time into the field at the top, or use the Hour and Minute drop-downs at the bottom. 

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Backup Data Process

Customers are required to back up their own data on their computer. The preferred method method to back up your data would be setting up OneDrive Sync on your computer to back up your data automatically to OneDrive. This can be done by following this Knowledgebase Article. If you need additional guidance for backing up your data a meeting can be setup with your support liaison. There will be a step in the workflow of the ticket that will all you to say Yes I have backed up my data or No, I need guidance on how to backup my data.

To prepare for this change, please complete this to-do list prior to your appointment

  • REQUIRED: Ensure the data on your device’s hard drive is backed up. We recommend setting up OneDrive sync. You may also save copies individually to network storage (SHARED1, USER1, etc). Backing up data is the employee’s responsibility. ITS does not back up data on employee devices.
  • Make note of files you have pinned to your task bar; you will need to re-pin them after the upgrade.
  • Make note of special software you have installed on your device, such as Snag It or Adobe Creative Cloud applications; you will need to re-install these applications from Software Center.
  • If you use browser bookmarks, export them so you can restore them after the upgrade or sign in to browser sync.

Post Reimage Responsibilities

After your device is reimaged, you may need to do the following:

How to get this Service

Click the Request Service button an complete the form; an ITS staff member will contact you with any additional steps. ONLY laptops can be dropped off to the Help Desk. Laptops and desktops can also be imaged in place in your office.


Any computer (desktop or laptop) that is compatible to run Windows 11.

Service Owner

Help Desk / Support Liaisons


There is no cost associated with this service.

Computer Reimage - Main Campus

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