PASS CX - Class Search Options - Class Search

1. Log into PASS CX

2. In the PASS CX Dashboard and select Class Information to expand it.

Class Information Menu - click to expand

There are three ways to search for Courses and or Classes.  First, the distinction between courses vs classes:

  • Courses - Offerings that are not necessarily offered every term.
  • Classes - Course sections that are offered a particular term.

Search options:

Instructions for Browse Classes: PASS CX - Class Search Options - Browse Classes

Instructions for Class Search: PASS CX - Class Search Options - Course Catalog


Class Search is a way to get down to the section level right away and has the most filter options.  

3. Choose the Term and Career at a minimum.  The search defaults to have the open classes only box checked. 

TIP for Students: Uncheck this box when searching for a closed class for which you need departmental permission to enroll.  You may Enroll from class search or add it to your cart and enroll from the Shopping cart.  

Other options for filters include:

  • Campus
  • Subject
  • Catalog Number
  • Keyword search
  • Class Number - a unique 4-digit number for every Subject-catalog number-section combination.
  • Course Attribute/Course Attribute Value - the combination of the two allow to search for General Education categories.

More Filters:

  • Start and End Time
  • Days of the Week
  • Location (similar to Campus)
  • Instruction Mode, i.e., online, independent study, etc.
  • Session, i.e., First 8-week, Second 8-week
  • Units - credits of course
  • Instructor (First Name and Last Name)

4.  Enter the desired filters and click Search

5. Click on the arrow to the left of the section to see details, including the course description, prerequisite, and textbook information when available.

6. In the expanded area, there are buttons to the right to Share, Add to Planner, Add to Cart or Enroll.  These options are also in the three-dot menu.

Class Information Buttons


three dot menu options

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