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Instructions for connecting your Android device to the UWPLATT or Eduroam campus wireless networks.
How to download Microsoft Office to your phone or tablet type device.
The Jabber client is installed by default on all faculty/staff computers and should be available to anyone who has a campus phone. This article covers starting the Jabber client as well as setting it up to always run when logged in to Windows.
How to reset your voice mail PIN using a web browser.
How to set up your campus voicemail box.
Information on why some homepage tiles do not appear on small form factor devices like a phone when they appear when on a large form factor like a computer.
Instructions on how to view Advisor information.
Instructions on how to change or add phone numbers on PASS CX.
A list of recommended headsets for use with the Unified Communications system at UW-Platteville.
List of items UW-Platteville departments may not purchase from Pioneer Restore