Popular Services

Request to move computer, docking station, monitor(s), phone, local or network printing devices.

General Support Inquiry

Service request to reimage your compatible computer to Windows 11.

Incident Report

This service allows the user to request access to the PASS system by completing the steps listed for the form linked within.

This PASS-related service will be used to request assistance with questions or issues that are not relevant to any other existing PASS service category available.

Phone Disconnect

After student employees have completed the annual FERPA training, instructors can request enrollment in their course as a Grader, TA, or Grader/TA. Faculty and staff enrollment requests must come from the appropriate director, department chair, or program coordinator. Enrollment for students taking a course must be completed through PASS.

Request to move a phone to a different building or room.

Phone Reassignment

Need help with AV technology? Do you need A/V equipment to upgrade your conference room, office, classroom or lab?

Services and requests for University owned computers.

This PASS-related service allows the user to request the creation, update, or removal of an enhancement to a PASS page or process.

Submit a support request for a classroom having technology issues.

Use this form to request updates or additions to the Continuing Education specific IT systems including: the CRM (mailing lists, events, reports, email templates, etc.), web, Sharepoint, short urls, Qualtrics, Canvas, or other specific IT need.