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NetID Change Request

Request a Non-Instructional Course in Canvas

Request to move computer, docking station, monitor(s), phone, local or network printing devices.

This service allows the user to request access to the PASS system by completing the steps listed for the form linked within.

Configure your office number for Jabber Mobile and Single Number Reach.

This service allows the user to request the creation, update, or removal of an integration between PASS and another application.

Use this form to request updates or additions to the Continuing Education specific IT systems including: the CRM (mailing lists, events, reports, email templates, etc.), web, Sharepoint, short urls, Qualtrics, Canvas, or other specific IT need.

Phone Expansion Module (KEM) Update

This form is for submitting an Digital Learning Materials Support Request. This covers electronic textbooks, integrated homework applications, and any publisher integration that is integrated with your Canvas course.

A Canvas Administrator can run department-level reports to evaluate outcomes, user access, student activity, and student engagement. These reports are available in the Canvas departmental subaccounts and are exported as CSV spreadsheets.

Services and requests for University owned computers.

This PASS-related service allows the user to request the creation, update, or removal of an enhancement to a PASS page or process.